Online Public Relations

Online Public Relations with SEO Consulting and the Free Website Analysis

Is your online publicity reaching the right channels? If not, you are missing thousands of opportunities to build your customer base every single day!

Virtual SEO master employs a team of Online PR professionals who know how to get your company name into the spotlight. Our PR and Internet marketing strategists and copywriters have the training and expertise to write your press releases and news reports as well as get them placed at the hottest news media venues. Our syndicated network is worldwide and includes over 250,000 touch points with journalists, media agencies and editors worldwide.

Without a solid PR team working on your company's behalf, you're allowing warm and hot leads to slip by on a daily basis

* Consider this fact: Only five years ago, a report revealed that a whopping 92% of journalists check out online newsrooms to research their upcoming stories. Wouldn't it be worth your while to have your news items available to writers who visit those sites?

At virtual SEO master we've developed a reputation for writing press releases that are tight, pitchy and current. That translates into a better chance that they'll be picked up by markets across the country. and the world. By focusing on your organization's field and analyzing what's important to your consumers, we'll develop online PR pieces that attract attention.

Our relationship with news engines has been built over time; that way, you can allow this partnering to be a boon for your company!

And don't forget - any releases that our team writes on your behalf can also be showcased on your corporate website. This enables you to get more mileage out of every public relations product that we create.

Don't let your competitors get the news media "jump" on you. Drive new traffic to your site with online PR that broadcasts your latest developments, products and services as well as positions you as a leading company in your industry.

Allow us to put together a customized Internet Marketing proposal for your company. Please us Consulting today!

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